The company

Quesos Sierra Sur S.C.A. was born in 1994 in the small village of Ermita Nueva, in the Region of Sierra Sur in Jaén (Spain). This area is traditionally based on livestock. The aim of the company was to transform part of the livestock production in products with an excellent quality that may convey the character and personality of this area and, moreover, that directly support the livestock industry that from ancient time was basic in the region development.

This company starts its activity transforming about 400 litres of goat milk daily. Throughout the time, and thanks to the effort and dedication of Isidro Ibáñez and Paqui Valverde together with their employees, and backed by the several awards received, this organisation has been growing step by step until being currently processing about 3.500 litres of milk both from goat and sheep.

In 2004 the firm changes its name to Ibáñez y Valverde S.L., keeping the commercial name of its products as Queso Sierra Sur, and most importantly, keeping the values that have been the foundations of this company: QUALITY AND SUPPORT TO THE LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY.


The team

Quesos Sierra Sur is a family owned company where two generations work together. All the family members, jointly with other members that contribute to success, share the same mission, vision and values that we have implemented at an organisational level. We only care to give you a product of the maximum quality. All the decisions made in the company are focused on this way, as we do not have any kind of influence from interest groups such as shareholders or creditors.