Quesos Sierra Sur

Quesos Sierra Sur is a family owned company dedicated to the manufacturing of handmade cheese and yoghurt. We put our focus on quality, this is why we thoughtfully care every single stage of the production process. Due to this orientation, both the company and our products have won a number of prestigious awards from different organisations.
We are placed in the Sierra Sur Region of Jaén (Spain) and we strongly believe in the quality and the added value of the local products of this area. The integration with the local surroundings gives our cheese and yoghurt an exclusive flavour, distinguishing them from the standardised products of the massive producers.
The cattle where the milk we use comes from is an essential part of our quality strategy, so we select it individually. We work hard together with our cattle breeder to obtain an excellent milk. This passion for the well-done work results in a high quality product and an excellent relationship with our customers.
Here you will find a direct-from-the-land product, no intermediary. Welcome.


On the Sierra Sur slopes, the cattle grow and feed. This makes the goats and sheep live with no stress. This way they produce a high quality milk, perfect to prepare cheeses with an authentic flavour.
In Quesos Sierra Sur we are engaged with you. Thus, we struggle every day to offer you the best chees made by the best quality milk. We know that quality raw materials are the base of a great product, and this is why we place the wellness of our cattle as one of our development foundation.